Ibanez RG7


This is a/my 7 string guitar I’m working on. No templates, I just opened the case and went with it. :smiley: It still need alot of work on the tremolo system and the cutaway on the body, but I’m happy with it so far. C&C Please.


Hi Niteowl!

Nice image! :wink: I love guitars. Model is great, but i think pink color doesn’t match RG Series style and you can do a more realistic chrome material.if you don’t know how you can download a sonix car material library where is a great chrome material.

btw How did you modeled strings? I’m trying to do strings on my guitar model and they aren’t looking good like yours.

I think the model is crazy good. You say you didnt use any reference pics. Wow! As for the color not matching the RG series stlye. Its your guitar. It can be whatever color you want it to be. But I agree that the materials need work but that probably what you are working on now. So…I cant wait to see the next render. Great job.

Great job on the modelling but not too crazy about the texture tho.The tremolo system should be a shiney chrome and posibly the treble and bass knobs.
You should also find a better wood texture for the head of the guitar,but overall i really like it :wink:

great job.

Nope, no templates(except for propping my guitar an a stand next to me). Getting the body and neck to scale was the hardest. Everything else went fairly easy.
I agree about the materials. The wood is terrible. They are roughed in because I 'm impatient. :stuck_out_tongue: My guitar is more of a burgundy wine metalic color but the lighting washed it out a bit. All of the hardware is black chrome but I went a little gray to see more detail. I think I’m going to try UV maping this one because I’m really terrible with procedurals.
If it finishes out okay I plan to upload it to the model repository. It would be cool to see what someone with real talent could do with it.
Thanks for the comments.

It would be cool to see what someone with real talent could do with it.

JustKidding :wink:

Speaking og playing guitars.not to get off the topic but do you have your music posted somewhere?
I also play a bit and it’s nice to find fellow musicians and check out there work.
check out my profile,the link should take you to my page.Anyway.

Good luck on texturing your model.It really looks great.


Looks good.

How about posting some close ups
so we can see all the details?

Thanks JDA
Here are a couple of detail pics. I tweaked the materials a little.
The body color looks better but still not deep enough. I added some noise and mapped it to specular to get the metalflake effect. It shows on the edges but not throughout the finish like it should. So much to do… :wink:

IMHO some edges are too sharp… and your material for the wood is not good enuf… other than that… i think your model is good