IBM 5100 - What to improve

I’m finishing IBM 5100 render and wonder if there is anything you would do to improve model/render/framing/etc.
All critics apreciated.


looking good

how many verts total ?

i’m trying to do one of the first Mag tape form IBM
but very difficult to find good References dwgs

only things are the oultets strip and the plugs
a bit low poly

happy bl

It looks better than a photo.

There’s something wierd on the “height of the table”, maybe too strengh on the normal map?

Blenderguru would suggest to add colored light sources :rofl:

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I would also say that the height on the table part that faces the viewer is just too much.
Also if you have good eyes and look for it you can see that the whole table has a pretty low res texture/ texel density compared to the rest of the image.
Rest looks perfect imho.

Around 575 000 verts.
Yeah references are shit for any old IBM machine.

Nice job! I will say that the power chords look a little like limp pasta. They have some pretty sharp bends when in reality they would be stiffer.

I was actually thinking exactly the same.
Other than that… damn, that looks amazing! :open_mouth:

Perhaps a little bit more of highlights and/or a more warm light… but that is based on personal preferences… I love computers you see! As it is now feels a bit sad computer :sweat_smile: like if no one loves him, which may be what you want to portrait. Overhaul nice job! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks but I posted improved result xD Ibm 5100