IC Spaceship

here is my current W.I.P
i have been doing this for a while and i guess its ready for posting in wip
All the textures are 100% done in blender.

Looks really good i love the textures and the over all size.

Cool!Nice textures.only one poroblem: the back are very sharp edges.Use subsurf!
good luck

ya, second that. but the textures are great, way cool man

Looks nice, I like the cockpit (bridge??):slight_smile:

how do you make textures in blender?

Instead of subsurf, I favor using the Bevel Center script. In edit mode, you can select a set of vertices that are part of an object, go to the menu Object:Scripts and run Bevel Center on just those vertices. The built in bevel tool has to work on the entire object and is a mess.

Sharp edges on a mesh makes the object look like it is toy-sized. A bit of bevel on the edges makes all the difference.

good point nyrathwiz

thanks for the comments
i was going to do the tail later, its not textured either.
here is a little animation ive done

Here is a little update on the tail.
i´m aware of the texture problem on the the wing.going to fix it asap

You play IC as well?
Cool. :cool:
It’s a nice ship; I immediately recognized it. One thing that disturbs me is the little amount of space below the bridge. All that glass going in against the pressure caused by moving at the speed of light… And it’s a bit too long imho.

Keep it up.

The glass has no pressure because it moves in space
and its too long because the camera position
here is an orthographic render and a little update.

Looks nice! A lot of progress, nice texturing.

Anyway, it doesn’t have to be glass, there’s a nano-material that’s as strong as steel and so light that one hectare of it would weigh around, uh… I think it was 200grams or something. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s looking good, modeling-wise, but the textures look really plasticy and sterile. You should make them more metallic and dirty them up a bit.