A project of mine of the past couple of days:


looks great, nice modeling!
like to see it in colour.

very nice :slight_smile:
i like all the fine detail you put in

Great work!

Is it rigged yet? I want to see how you work out getting all the
tubes to bend with the arms and legs.

No rigging yet. Should be fairly straightforward though. I’ve done pistons before, and th tubes will probably be done with hooks (they’re all curves).

Very cool concept, love the droid icarus! I’ll be watching this for updates, is he going to have any cool weapons?


Looks great, but just wondering, the wings are supposed to melt in the story arn’t they? Are they to be made of wax or something for the robot?

@MTGG - maybe the steam in his pistons gets overheated and they blow out. :cool:

Rigging Progress - all the deform bones for the main parts of the body are in now. The pistons are all rigged too (that was tedious). Just most of the pipes left to do, and the wings (which I’m really not sure what I want to do with yet). Anyway, here’s another render to show how things are going.


I like it, though i’m not sure about the Icarus reference. Icarus’ wings were an addition to the base, whereas your model is very much a flying robot. Obviously artistic interpretation is your call but if you were planning on following this with an animation based on the story then it might be a bit difficult to mete out exactly why his wings would be melting, lest your sun is some kind of electromagnetic shiny zappy type thing :smiley: Technical explainations are clearly my thing… lol

Wherever you choose to go with this though, I think it’s looking great.

More rigging!


The whole body apart from the wings is rigged now, including all the tubes. I also put in full IK controls for all the limbs and foot-roll controls on the feet (though I’m not quite set on the feet yet). The IK controls are all done with dummy bones, so I can set up IK-FK switching as soon as I add the constraint drivers.

Still not entirely sure how I want to do the wings. Got a few ideas, but any suggestions are welcome.

Wings are rigged now, but there’s an issue with the pistons in that they seem to lag slightly, the rigging is very simple on them - two bones with IK solvers set to each other. Any pointers on what’s causing the lag/how to solve it?

Here’s a gif of the wings in action, you can also see the lag on the pistons.


Why don’t you use Track To constraints for the pistons? That way they are always in line with each other.

Track to wouldn’t work I think, due to the problem of track to constraints using the global “up” axis.