ICBM - RTS game thread

This isn’t a Blender Game Engine game, so I have it in the WIP section since I at least model all my work in Blender and use Blender as a hacked up level editor.

"Build up your island into a supreme military base while planning out your crushing offensive.

ICBM is a an island based multiplayer RTS. Fire missiles across the ocean while planning your land, sea, or air offense. Once nuclear ICBM’s come into play, prepare for an all out war. "

It’s been about 11 years since I started learning Blender as well as programming games. I ended up graduating from DigiPen in 2009 and I’ve worked as a programmer on the Sims, Madden, Tiger Woods, Killing Floor 2.

This is my current game project. It is all in-house game engine from scratch. I’m going to use this thread to post any visual updates I have. For more details you can check my signature as well as my actual weekly journal that details what I’m actually doing (videos, talks, tutorials, and not just pictures of artwork).




The plane front looks odd (the positioning of windows) The boat could do with more detail as well

Yea boat is still early WIP. Plane windows definitely could use some rescaling and repositioning.

Here is an overview of what models I have at the moment.

Like it so far :slight_smile: maybe add a little more on the boat thing on the far right as the middle is a little bare

Re-worked some textures on my F16. Still WIP.

Early prototype video.

Added in some new features: C130 paradrop and some new particles.

Bump. If anyone is interested, my latest journal entry can be found here: