Ice Business

Hello Blender artists! This is a remake of a shot from the Disney movie, “Frozen”. As soon as i saw this particular shot in the movie, I loved it (I don’t know why) and wanted to recreate it. However, I didn’t want to duplicate it. I wanted see if I could make it similar but with a different style or look. So, Here it is! All critiques are welcome and very much appreciated. :yes:

Edit: Click for better quality. Also heres the screenshot image of the movie that I took reference off of.

Awesome job mate, I really like your take on it. The ice looks great!

Maybe some more clothes/bulk on the legs? Looks a bit like an ice fisherman Mii

Funny i just watched this with my child (for the 20th time)^^
I also realy like your take on this and i dont know how similar you are aiming for but my critiques would be to get that bottom of the ice blurred (especialy on those cracks and marking on the bottom ice face), add some sunlight colours, im sur ethat would help greatly to give some nice feel and also add some wear to that sawblade (maybe not needed depending on what you yourself are aiming for).
Realy nice though keep up the good work

Thx! I spent a few days on the ice, so I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Norrolith, Ik his clothes don’t quite match the environment and I don’t know how to add clothes using the cloth sim. So the best I could do was to add boots and a vest haha. I got the model off of Blendswap btw.

I understand what you’re saying. But I didn’t want it that similar. I didn’t blur the bottom of the ice because I wanted to show the detail I added on the ice (the scratches and frost). Also I thought about doing sunlight colors like the light rays in the reference image, but cycles doesn’t like it when I try volumetric lighting. So instead I went for a night time setting. Although, I did implement a tiny bit of orange on the saw in the compositer. The other thing about the ice was that I wanted it to serve as a natural photo element. For instance, the blur from the ice serves as depth of field, and the scratches and frost act as a vignette (sort of) to guide the viewers eyes to the saw. And I added scratches to the saw if thats you mean by “add some wear to the sawblade”, but you’re right I should’ve added a little bit more wear. Thx for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Here is the material nodes of the ice for those who r interested. Im not a fan of huge and complex node systems, so I try to keep it as simple as possible but also effective

It looks amazing, well done! As someone mentioned above, it does look like a Mii fisherman :stuck_out_tongue: The legs need to be more thick. Otherwise everything’s cool! The ice is amazing, perhaps the bubbles are too small, but that’s just personal taste. The sword also has a nice reflection to it. Thanks for the ice material!

Wow! Amazing work! I especially love the detail you put into the surface of the ice. It looks awesome!

Thx Guys! I’m glad you like it :yes:

Wow I like it! But also, on the blade of the saw, the spikes should be flat and sharp on the edges, to give a more effective cut. However it still looks great!

oh yea! your right bossestrenders. I noticed that after I modeled the saw and didn’t feel like fixing because by the way i modeled the saw, Id have to probably remodel it to fix that. Thx for feedback :slight_smile:

Here is the raw render.