Ice business

Hello! this was a project I made off of the famous Disney movie, Frozen. I wanted to recreate this scene with the same theme but a different style, my style if you will. I need to know what can make the image better so I can improve my artwork and skills. I will accept and appreciate all constructive critique and feedback. :yes:
Click the image for better quality

This is the still from the movie i went off of.

Very Nice! More realistic than I thought it would be :stuck_out_tongue:
The edge of the blade needs to look like it was thrust into the ice, and water. I would make small pieces of ice falling off the bottom of the ice land. When you thrust into water, there are a lot of bubbles. I would keep the original, maybe remove a few, and add A LOT of tiny ones.
I can’t tell where the ice starts. There needs to be more subsurf scattering/blurriness on the blade where the ice is, so I know
Also, the person looks wayyy to fake. That is probably one of the biggest give-a-ways to this image…
besides that, great work

The colors are a bit bleak. I guess you didn’t make the colors the same as the original image, because it would look too similar, but I don’t think that would be a bad thing. Recreating the image would be an achievement in itself. Also I have a full HD copy of the movie. When I get home I will post a srceenshot which that may help you a bit with the details :slight_smile:

EDIT: As promised here is the image.

oh wow thats much better than what I got lol thx BjarkeDude! wish I had that when I started it.

Thx dancreator. It turned out more realistic than i thought too :). You make a GREAT point with the small pieces of ice falling the ice land. I didn’t even think of going into such detail that would make the image so much better. Now about the bubbles, I tried to put more small bubbles and less big bubbles but blenders particle system was being so annoyingly stupid and uncooperative that I just gave up and stuck with the big ones. I wish it was working cause I really wanted to add the small bubbles. lastly, what do you mean when you say the guy looks fake? explain to me cause I’m not fully understanding that part. If its because he doesn’t look like a realistic human character model, thats because it isn’t. I downloaded it off blendswap. Other than that, thanks a lot for your feedback. Very helpful! :smiley: