Ice Cream

Hi! I was trying to do something with the fluid simulation for the fisrt time and thats what I got. I don’t really like how the brownie looks, any sugestion?
What do you think?


will it seems pretty cool though if it,s to be a choklet or what ever it is , i think it should more like a dark brown ,but great work

You mean its too dark? the brownie?

yeah but it,s ok just the way it is

too much AO

and not enough gloss

May be isn’t athe AO but the diffuse, what do you think now?


I think I manage to improve the brownie with a particle system and other tweaks.


It seems the chocolate too much like plastic material, not like real chocolate, what you think?

Do you mean the one in the ice cream or in the brownie?

Now you’ve ruined my lunch. Off to the bakery; BRB. :wink:

Yes, right. Maybe it’s the light problem.