Ice cube on a wooden table

10 minutes of work (including rendering):

ice cubes are white not clear! make it more white next time and tone down the transparentsy abit. Also deform the mesh a little more! Nice! :wink:

Also, think about water and grain… There would be a darker patch on the table, si?

Repeat what has already been said. Although it does need to be less transparent and more white, I don’t think a little transparancy hurts; you just have a little to much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ice is clear, the air frozen inside is not.

If the ice cube is melting or wet it could be clear… usually ice is “white” like you say when it’s completely frozen & and it has a frosted appearance…

Not the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, but it looks cool.


yes it is cool i just think you should have added a noise of some sort to it to make it look like there are little white bubles inside! :wink:

Looks nice for 10 minutes. Add some rusty bump textures and make it more white as mentioned by several people above. The lighting also needs work. And I can’t see AO! Why didn’t you turn AO?


Why the heck should I ?!! I don’t have to use all of Blender’s features.

It’s that simple Pavcioo, do what I say, and you won’t have to think for yourself! lol


I kinda agree. It’s ice. It’s a cube of ice. It conveys the subject and the idea quite clearly. And it took up only 10 minutes of billable time which is wonderful.

Oh, you can tweak it. A little specularity perhaps to pull it away from the table. But you can drag out a digital camera and shoot a picture of the stuff, too. Probably couldn’t get the photo in only 10 minutes, 'tho.

There comes a time to say good enough! “Print it!”

Honostly, it doesnt look like an icecube.

Maybe you should have used a reference chuckles