Ice Cube

How would I make a good icecube?

add a cube go into edit mode and press f9 for the edit buttons and click the smooth button to get round edges then just add materials and tweak some verts.

You could also use Bevel instead of smooth.

Actually I was thinking you coudl explain to me how to get a good texture and crap.

you have to subdivide the cube around 5-6 times before the smooth works like it really should…

so beveling the cube 2 times is much faster…

I’m assumed that you were talking about materials when you said ice cube, so:

  1. lower the alpha of the material to around 0.40

  2. turn on rayTransp

  3. tweak the IOR and Fresnel…


  1. increase specularity and hardness until it looks right to you

i hope this helps…


Thanks guys, I got a really neat effect. :slight_smile: Thanks again.