ice demon

Hi, this ones done. All materials created in Blender. Internal renderer.
Possibly the best thing about this render is the background mesh.
Slightly touched in Photoshop (odd verts in background).
Todays color is blue.
I have added a close up of the charactor in a different style.
Also the original image that evolved into the ice man


It’s very hard to see with all that blue around.

yeah, it looks almost low poly/invisible

I like what you’re trying to do, but please re-do the lighting.

The main figure needs to be more brightly lit. Certainly, the lighting color may be blue. You may wish to inject some complementary colors in there too, e.g. for an interesting rim-light.

The background should be more-dimly lit, in a less saturated color that can also be blue.

Pop the finished image into Photoshop or Gimp and use the Histogram tool. You want to see a bell-curve, mostly centered, with not much on either tail.

Bear in mind that if you want to give the appearance of “darkness,” you do that with contrast, not light-levels.

Yeah, you are all right, bit premature post this one. I messed with the whole blue thing too much. Still I like it. It is just a different style.
I often use saturated colors. Tried to acheive a underground ice cave with monster with this one. I have posted a close up of the charactor with a different background. It also needs work with some loose verts and better/more detailed.
There is better to come.
Thanks for the crits.

cool picture

Maybe you should use some compliminary coors in the backround.(Reds,yellows,and oranges)To make the demoned stand out and seem more important.

Hi, I added the final image. It was infact the first. I messed with it so much, the ‘ice man’ was born. The Idea was to make the ice man the same color as the background, with a glass material and bg mat.
So it would appear they were made of the same stuff. Like the ice was melting and the ice man was defrosting sort of thing. Interpretation.
Thanks for the hints, I am now working on a big project (ref images. research, real modeling) and your suggestions will help me there.

Thanks, M.A.

I think the red and black are relly the better ones.Good job on all 3 though.