ice fire troubles

i am working on somesort of ice ring that looks like stonehenge. i have some of the ice blocks sculptered and they are done, now int he smaller stones (blue stones they called in the real thing) i want to have blue fire burning, also the scene should be illuminated only by these flames. i thouhg i figured it out but i cant seem to get it right.

i have the flame (which is an object)in it, now i tried various things but non worked, so can anyone tell me how i can make it so that the flame illuminates the scene through the ice block that it is contained in? when i add a light inside an object, its like that light doesnt exist. so how can i make it that the light passes through the object, refracting, and the illuminates the scene???

also what properties do i need to set int he object material that this happens?? and what do i need to do with the flame that it lights up everything from the inside of an object.

i know this is a lot but any help is greatly welcomed. like i said i tried many things, but without much success :(.

The basics:


thank you, its somewhat what i meant, but its not really of much help to me, it uses an area light, i wanted something like a spot light that goes out of the blue ice. but thank you anyway, u gave me some idea of what i should do.

a quick question, can vertexes emit light, i want a flame that emits light and that the light flickers as the flame moves (like side to side, flame like motion)

In that example I think you could safely toggle the Area lamp to be a Spot.

can vertexes emit light

No, Materials can be set to emit, but the light won’t ‘project’; it won’t be seen on surrounding objects and won’t cause shadows. You can duplivert lamps to your verts (or vertex parent them) for that though.