Ice Gate Castle

Hi guys! This morning I had nothing to do at work, so I was playing with ANT landscape… after some play I added some stuff and this image came out.

I post here because I’d like to know what do you think I could add/change before call this finished… thanks! :slight_smile:

hey looks good to me. :slight_smile: No problems I can see!!

i think you must add some snow to the roof of the building.

hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. I made some changes, now I will add some snow on the castle as paris suggested and then I think I will close it… what do you think?

It looks awesome. I think the only thing that would help it is to work on the mix between the rock and the snow. It’s not holding up to the camera very well. Also maybe the snow and rock shader, just tweaking it though. Otherwise looks good to me. I think you would need someone like Andrew Price to tell you how to improve it at this point.

Looks great, do you mind sharing which settings you used with ANT?

Love the render! Nice job

This looks great, I like how you used mist and color to bring out the castle even though it’s similar to the mountainside. The human element makes me think there is a story to the Castle, but I don’t know what that story is. Finding that story should really help to take the render to the next level. :slight_smile:

the mountain are awesome very realistic . I didnt notice thecastle until reading the posts. You could remove the castle from the scene and call it a completed project. I csn see your very proud of the project .If you realy still like the castle and the story keep the caslte but change the castle colours so it stand out from the blue colour of the mountain. This may not work . The man walking towards the castle has helped me as viewer see the catle.It creatd a path for my eye to travle however that said the mountain scene is excellent .

Aw man, reminds me of Ironforge (Dwarven city in World of Warcraft). Good work so far, but with a little tweaking of the materials and some object/building that gradually leads the viewer to the castle… I think you can push this one to greatness.

On a more critical note though; from afar the materials are convincing, but lack credibility up close ( very sharp edges between the snow and the rocks. Also… I think the snow might be able to use a slightly blueish sss here and there, but nothing too obvious.

Anyhow… keep going, will keep watching this one.

I like the fantasy feel.
I think it needs some color, though; maybe a flag on the castle, or being held by the figure?