ice ( hair)

:eyebrowlift2: Hope you like it…


Great model and texture and posing, a pretty decent likeness!

Colour looks a little grey and washout out though and the hair is a bit clumpy compare to the “real” thing.

I don’t really get it…

did you make the whole character by your self? If so, AWESOME!

did you just make the textures by your self? If so, AWESOME!

did you just make the hair by your self? If so, AWESOME!

Looks similar to the movie,well done!

Lol, I love Scrat!
He was the best part of those movies… :yes:

sooo, dreamworks uses Blender!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an excellent scrat!!

i love it!

Ice Age was created by BlueSky Studios, animated CGI movies are not just the realm of Pixar and Dreamworks.

At first glance it does look a lot like how he looks in the movie.

lol, i like the first image on the upper left, nice job.

Incredible work, one of the best Scrat I’ve seen so far, and the fact you did it in Blender is great :yes:
5 stars from me

Did you used Strand render for particles?

Wow great job on the hair. I haven’t really played with Hair yet. Do you have a link to a good tutorial?

ShilaM:Did you used Strand render for particles ?


very nice :smiley:

Wow that’s spot on!

It looks very similar to “Ice age” but the textures are not too good, especially fur.

The modelling is reallly great… could improve lighting and fur…

I’ve suspected it…

then my advice for you:
if your machine allows it, and you have some spare computational time :slight_smile: maybe you could try render with no Strand render option, in order to let your strands benefit the raytracing positive effect and gain realism :wink:

Nice job, though for posting purposes you should have made a backdrop, a glacier, or something like that in the back… Otherwise I would like to find a how-to for fur, hair, etc…


Scrat! Geez, I love this movie char! Though I think this is missing something that I previously saw on the movie, it’s probably the snout. I don’t know if it’s just me but your snout looks wolfish and not cute enough to portray the original Scrat. Anyhow, this is really really really an impressive model you’ve got! :slight_smile: