Ice Lizard

It must have warm blood now. :slight_smile: Rendered in cycles. I made the color map in the BI with matcaps and baking. :slight_smile: It looks awesome. It’s just a glossy shader with my color map plugged in to it.Click for larger version. Sorry for the size it was made as a screen saver. :RocknRoll:

Pretty cool, really would look awesome a´with an appropriate background :slight_smile:

(Note if you’re using Cycles) - The best materials will generally not make any use of a shading component all by itself, the way they are setup is so the user combines two or more components to make a complete material.

The level of detailing gives the impression that if this was a statue, than you would pretty much be already there (otherwise, I think that there are routes that you could take with this to bring it up to the next level).