Icey Outpost (Guildwars style Game)

i am gonna use WAV, and im lucky i do too!

i cant program, lol.

I advise you to not save the music files as .WAVs.
They are quite large. One minute is about 10 MB. If you are going to add more detailed textures and more geometry, more code and more sound effects…ehm… That’d be a large file to download. While it’s most likely just a small game.

Lots of texture stretching going on. Do you have clip UV to image size turned on? If the textures are 100% tileable you should let them exceed the size of the texture in the UV image box. That way they dont look stretched

i know what you mean, especially on the stone wall posts.

i will work on fixing that.

and AniCator

dont really know why7 i saved as a WAV but it is only music, no sound effects yet :frowning:

Whoa, i really like that dock. How come the water isn’t frozen? Or is it the ocean, i thought it was a lake… I dont know!!!

the water…ummm…its the ummmm…ocean, yea, thatll do…