Icey Outpost (Guildwars style Game)

ok, the almost finished first level of my guildwars style game is here.

everything i have here uis made by me.
all i need now are some NPCs and some sort of big fluffy animal and i am set to move onto the mountain level. cool!.

i have working snow by the way! (although i do have some collision problems!)


good work , but fix the uvws in some places :slight_smile:

Looks good. You might want to texture-paint the icecaps on the mountains: It would add a better texture blend.

yea, the UVs on the mountains, and some other places need fixing, i will try and fix the mountains soon, its just that it has triangles for some reason…
Im going in!

and thanks.

ok, so i have moved onto the mountain area…and i am having some trouble with the movement, i want it to work going over bumps and lumps in the terrain, but i cant get the actors right.

either the cube (which the camera is parented to) flys off into infinity or you can just drive through the landscape! help!

here is the .blend file for the mountain area.

oh dear, i lack the power to model organicly…thats a drawback!

must get better at it!

EDIT: dosen anybody know of a really good rigging tutorial?

any help on the mountains?

really need to get the collisions working before i do anything else.

i can try and help. first off, in the blend file you posted, your mountains aren’t even actors :smiley: that’s all i can really do for now, you can pm your file and i’ll see what i can do.
I added a block, made it the cameras parents, and made it an actor, with a bounds > box, set it about 2 units above the ground and pushed p. you slide a bit, but you don’t fly off. if you put it starting in the ground, he does shoot off.
also, the subsurf on the grounds kindof useless, considering it doesn’t come up in Game Mode.

ok, thanks, could you post up the .blend file so i can see what i did wrong?

ok, some big updates now!

added a small dock, which will have a ship added later

put in water

put in some more mountain/hill things

soon to add some tents

also finished the OX like creature, just need to rig and texture it now. (its lying down by the way, so thats why there are no legs)


Are you going to add a lightmaps to the models?
It would look a lot more interresting for the yay-I-want-cool-graphics-now people.

whats a lightmap?

sorry if that sounds kinda newbie, but i am newbie to the GE.

Charlie (snailrose) made a tutorial about this.
It’s ehm…

Good luck,

- AniCator

oh! lightmaps!

yea, i will add some soon.

a gameplay shot, so you can see snow and new skybox.


done some more texture work on the docks.


woah that looks awesome… those textures on the dock look really cool

glad you like the look of it :slight_smile:

so how do i add music?

What extension will you use?
When you are going to use MP3 or OGG files you’ll need to do some programming.
Visit this link for more information

- AniCator