Icons/Illustrations for Web/Mobile

Hey Everyone,
I’m Amarneethi, from India. I’m a graphic and web designer with over 4 years of experience. I love opensource and linux.
I came across Blender some 5-6 years back when it was in one of the final releases of 2.4x and transforming to 2.5x. I was blown away by 2.5x and really did hate 2.4 series for its user interface. I have been using blender regularly for the past 2 years or so. I use blender at various degrees in my works from creating a base set and painting on it to creating a full work in blender itself. I specialise in mobile design and been mentoring and taking seminars for designers across India on the same topic. I found blender really useful in creating high quality icons and illustrations for mobile and microsites. So I decided to create a training DVD which will enable any designer to make use of blender to its fullest. Below are some of the icons/illustrations featured in the DVD. There are totally 8 icons. You can visit the site for the full list https://thetwintitans.com The DVD has a download version and a DVD version available. The download version costs $9.00 and the DVD version costs $16.00. You can use this coupon code for a 20% discount :slight_smile: “TWFDBQN7RZND”. The DVD version is available only for Indian residents as the cost of shipping is more the double the cost of the DVD if I had to ship to other countries. If you still prefer DVD version please inbox me at [email protected].

You can checkout the trailer here!

The Twin Titans!