Icy rock

Hi everyone, I’m practicing making rock for a next outdoor snowy project.

I’m okay with the rock itself, but I’m stuck with the ice. I can’t get the material right :confused:

Here’s the render and the reference picture I’m aiming.
the ice is a mix of glass material with SSS. I tried mixing volume scatter + glass also but wasn’t good.

Anyone could help?


The snow/ice in your render looks inconsistent.

In the pic, the snow in direct sunlight is white/bright while those in the shadows is closer to gray. In your render, the snow is both gray and white/bright in direct light and in the shadows.

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Thanks Grimza I’ll work on that

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So I got this one after re-sculpting the ice and few tweaks in the material. Hope it’s better.

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Much better. Now, just to tweak the R/G/B radii of the SSS. I’d decrease the red and green radii, making the ice tint the light more and more blue the further through the ice it travels.
Take another look at your reference image: The ice buried deep in cavities and shadows has a pretty nice blue/cyanne color, while the ice closer to being directly lit appears to have no tint.
The result will be even easier and more realistic with the Random Walk SSS (sadly 2.8 only).

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Thanks lolwel, I’ll check this SSS radius thing

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