IDE questions

What is the best IDE for use in Ubuntu? I have a strong interest in game dev…also any good lib’s and or engines out there(free)that are well suited to the linux platform?
My background is mostly “c”, but have been picking up python lately…but I prefer “c”.

Last question, if there is already a thread discussing this where is it?

gurus will say “a text editor” ( well they mean Vim or Emacs)!
The others are happy to have CodeBlocks, I guess?!
This way you can upgrade to C++ :wink:

I tried to reply to this earlier, but for some reason Ubuntu firefox keeps thinking I need to save the reply.php…???
anyway. I have been using codeblocks and the gcc compiler, thank you for your response…not I need to find a good(flexible) game engine…but I will ask about that elsewhere.

Aside from the game engine built into blender, there is Crystal Space.

and Panda3D

Ogre is popular also, but it is a real-time rendering engine, not a full game engine. (i.e. you have to provide your own game logic, physics solver, etc.)

Can’t resist responding. “Best” is always dependent on your particular needs/desires, but for python coding, the IDE I’ve ended up using is Geany. It just seems to have the right balance of features and simplicity for me. The editor does what one would expect and a simple button or keystroke launches the python console and my app. I really like it after trying quite a few of them. I was surprised how many had an “undocumented feature” or two, that I didn’t have the patience to mess with.