(idea/concept) 'Using' Bleder via web remote?

Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I run and finance a cat shelter. This meas I am out a lot, rescuing abandond cats or just taking the ones here on some exercise. In other words, I cannot be by my computer a lot of the time, but away from it, I have a lot of dowtime. I usually use that to write or waste time online, but a thought has lingered in my head for a while…

Has anyone ever tried to create a web interface to a homebase computer (or even online server) running Blender? A full interface is a pipe dream, but I do a lot of work with scripts, and theoretically, it should be possible to write a script, upload it, and have your home rig download the script ad run it, then upload the results.

Has anyone tried this or something like it? Have other 3D packages tried doing some form of interface with mobile devices?

I amconsidering writing a simple version of this, knowing full well it will have verylimited features, but if someeone else is alreadyon the ball, I am very curious about their results annd experiences!

Edit: Pardo typos, this keyboard is getting old…

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I have not tried this idea yet, but taking various chunks from here and there.

  • A Python HTTP server can be started on localhost serving the LAN (opening a port to the router can make the HTTP server public - however you need static local address and register to a static online IP service such as noip.org).

  • Running Blender from command line using a script, best case scenario I did was to have a system Python script, that would boot blender with inline python code as command line arguments.

  • A simple web application (runs on localhost) that takes care of presenting the GUI and then turning the HTTP request into the correct set of command line arguments.

Though I can’t think of any use case example for this now, but it sure looks interesting.

I sketched out a theoretical version earlier today. The only real challenge to build the baeebones system seems to be how to upload the results. A file to server is not thaaaat difficult, but I would love to upload straight to a YouTube channel. Not sure how, but it’s still just a rough idea, anyway…

You can use the Youtube API for that, same goes uploading files to cloud storage services (Dropbox, etc).

Best place to start looking

I noticed that. I am still looking for a good tutorial, though, so I don’t just copy-paste stuff blindly. If I even get around to doing this!

You can see the same things in youtube with keywords python youtube api tutorial more or less the techniques are very standard.

Do not worry though because code for accessing APIs most of the times is very standard like a template and has no real educational value, other than getting the job done. However this only for the parts that are IO from the API.

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Eh? :slight_smile: Are you looking for this? :

Might be. But it says no mobile platforms?

Parsec might work for that.

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Er - if it says “web”, you CAN have browsers on mobile, you know…? :slight_smile: (it’s not all apps…)

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Sorry, it says this:
“*Not mobile web browsers.”
So it seems this, sadly, won’t work…

Er why can’t you use the VNC Android app?
BRO! You could have Ecosia’d that yourself! :slight_smile:


I don’t know! They said no mobile browsers, I believed them! I’m panicking here, aaargh!!!

so what happened with the android app?

Haven’t tested it. Lost the battle to save my cat and had to bury her yesterday. Not in the tech testing mood, sorry…