Idea: exclude and include for Clear shortcut

When you select and object and hit G, it changes it location when you move your cursor.

If you hit G + X, you can move in only X axis.

And if you hit Alt+G, it says, “OK? Clear location?” and if you hit enter, it clears the objects location and puts it at global 0,0,0.

My suggestion is that , if I go,

Alt+G it says “OK? Clear location”, If I hit then X , it says “OK? Clear X Location?” and If i hit enter, it gives the object global X 0.

And if I go Alt+G+shift+X it says “OK? Clear Y,Z Location?”

This could be very useful to align objects in the 3d view. it doesn’t work like that at the moment for the Clear property kombo of alt+(G/R/S)

But when moving(G) or Rotating® or Scaling(S), you can exclude and include axis as you want.

Could be a impliment for 2.5 !

What do you think? is it necessary, how do you align objects ?

Yes! I agree, this would be extremely useful :slight_smile:

Seems like a good idea. :smiley:

might be nice, although i cant see when i’d use it. still, it would be good to have the option.

might be nice, although i cant see when i’d use it. still, it would be good to have the option.

imagine aligning objects, let say to their X axis. you select a group and go ALT+G (to clear Location) and then hit X, to clear their X location.

Now their aligned in global X but are off in their Y and Z position. just as you want it and can move around em aligned.

Just not a for functional use, this is something that should be implemented to continue consistancy in the current shortkey workflow , where you (I am at the least) constantly constrain in axises when I model or move around stuf …

Im from the web development/design world and I am a pixel perfectionist, and I want to align everything and make stuf perpendicular to each other …

Anyway nice to see more people like the idea! I dropped it in #blendercoders on freenode IRC , so let see what they come up with later on.

ideasman saw it but had no time, and jesterKing was there (Nathan letwory) so hopefully someone of 'em thinks about it.

I have no idea who’s the module owner of the shortcuts workflow, maybe it’s a joint effort.

If you want to align objects, just turn on “Move center only” (next to the pivot drop down) and then scale to zero along an axis. You can use transform orientations to align along whichever axis you want.


But that’s a work around, not a clear solution.

Err, no, it’s a solution to achieve the same thing in a more flexible way (full access to all orientations, not limited to a single axis, …).

The same thing can be done with the transform snap system too, obviously, with even more possible options.


Press N and type zero in the axis you want to reset.

that doesn’t work to align let say, 10 selected objects. :confused: only 1

@teeth, thanks that works like a charm ! now is there a shortcut command for that ? to turn it on and off ?

There isn’t in 2.4x but it would be trivial to map it in 2.5 once custom keymaps are added.