Idea for aniamtion tool.

Well I head an Idea for an animation tool. This would be used to the animater can visualize the move the charcters makes.

Ok here is the deal, you have your character he walks in a funny way so you are force to animate him moving forward rather than walking in place, to visualize ofcourse. Now doing this makes it a pain to use a path. So I was thinking of a tool that would allow you to get rid of all the forward motion but keep the actual animation so the charcter now walks in place.

I thought of this tool because I am working on a character that hops. I can easily make is movements look good moving forwars, but I need him to hop realistically in place wich is hard to visualize for an amateur animater.

select the root bone and clear the loc IPO that looks like a slanted line in the SHIFT+F6 screen

LOL I new there had to be a way! Blender does everything before I wish for it.

Then again I did kinda think of that but I am new to the new blender animation system.