Idea for improving programming speed a lot

One day I came up with one idea… As you probably know, you can create groups of nodes in node editor for materials.[ATTACH=CONFIG]259646[/ATTACH]

Well the same moment I discovered this grouping system, I tought “WHY CAN’T THIS BE INCLUDED IN GAME ENGINE TOO!?”

As long as there is some people like me who don’t like sitting and writing kilometer of script which will do something boring, but rather connecting million of logic bricks only with few scripts and getting the same result. I discovered that a lot of time I have to redo the things which I already did over and over. Like I was seriously making and rpg and everytime I create a new enemy, when i have to combine the walking, the attacking possibility, the weapon collision (and all of its damage possibilities) and much more things, sometimes you just can’t select and copy things you’ve already made for other enemies, but you have to redo them over and over, that’s pretty annoying and I think that at least my projects would reach way higher level if there would be a possibility to select and copy, and group logic bricks then append them to other objects, without deleting the logic bricks you created before for the specific object.
This way you wouldn’t even see that gigantic mess of lots of logic bricks, but you would see a clean groups connected and created a great result.

Anyway’s as I know that much people have Ideas for developing blender, and nobody actually checks does anybody generated something wise and then put it into blender, I guess somebody could write an addon or somebody who can make this appear in blender, would be great to make that.

If there would appear much people who would actually confirm my idea, and found it usefull, then maybe one day, it will appear in blender, and we’ll all be happy about that.