idea for increase performance in the sculpting multires

I think this can increase the sculpting details and performances:)

Any constructive feedback is welcome!:slight_smile:

here a new idea of implementation:)

a concept for shape keys dynamic on various level… perfect for a marvelous facial emotive ricreation:)!!!

I’m not sure if I follow you on this, how exactly would this increase the performance of multires sculpting?

Also note that you can’t actually create a roughness value above 1 (there is no reason whatsoever to try to make a shader that allows the roughness to go all the way to 5).

Am I looking at completely useless nodes.

it’s a conceptual model, the solution from a developer! Shar:)))))

hey :slight_smile:

but let me sculpture with 3d pixels (8096 x 8096) 4x antialasing…

or is better model a woman face with bspilne!!!

I think what you want is bump maps.
And yes i highress sculpt can be baked to a lower-ress bump similar object.
(backing a highress suzane to a low ress suzane).

Or also bump maps can be directly drawn as a texture, (ea muscle vains) and be animated (visible % /not)

Problem could be do animating suzane’s mouth etc.

Well in BI sculpting a texture is redrawn a lot slower I can split the screen solid is redrawn much faster.
I think sculpt and multi-res are working fine. better then fine mirror works 99.9 % . of the time. I wish edit mode in mirror would work as well as sculpt. I can display the wire and draw all edges and even in multi res i can see the mesh.
The mesh gets so tight the mesh starts to degrade, verts start to snap together but mirror is still working.
I wish i could scale the mesh not subdivide the mesh so the mesh is at a sweet spot. My computer will crash when i get to the 4 or 5 subdivide. Maybe the black and white just makes it easier on the eyes to sculpt , light is a bigger problem for me when i sculpt.

very thanks brentison, I think I unterstood… very thanks