IDEA: mind control blender

Hey guys. I’m not active in the blender community anymore. But I just realised there’s a device with an SDK out there that let’s you mind control software for only $300.

I’m sure you could use that for blender for modelling :slight_smile: how coool would that be! :smiley:

the SDK is $500, and the headset is $300 . interesting direction tho, could maybe be bootstrapped with eye scanning to finetune the location in the space your eye is looking at.

Squirrel, Ball, Butterfly, too many distractions. Have enough trouble controlling my own mind, don’t want Blender trying to do the same.

Mouse, keyboard, intent, more than enough to handle, don’t need fancy “what you looking at” interface to make it even harder.

Interesting, but by no means easy. Also, does not belong in Python forum.

whether it belongs in this forum depends on the implementation. a script would be good to test it.

well I meant more like modelling with your thoughts :smiley: it’s really very accurate stuff.

Everyone get your EEG’s checked for normality.
This would be pretty interesting.

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in the works:

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I read that in a number of cases like using the cognitiv module for input, it was very difficult to use in a way where it was responsive, this review even indicates it being difficult to use with the software that comes with it.

Though you have to figure if that is worth the long process of taking it out, setting it up, putting it on, and putting it away…

This type of mass market brain reading technology needs a bit of work still, but it seems to me that there could be significant improvement with future versions of the product, which would be an absolute need if this headset is even going to begin to be able to control Blender.