Idea proposal Im Network

Basically I Feel that there is a need for cg artists and modellers To have a more fluid type of communication then forums allow. So I thought that forming an Instant message network of willing artists/users who are members of blender artists forum might be a good idea.

Basically what I have so far is that I would maintain a list of members sn (they would have to have the ability to use the american online instant message system) and anyone wishing to be part of the network would get a copy of the list so that they could Instant message other members of the list.

Of course anyone who wish to participate in the program would have to agree to go along with the rules which basically so far is would have to be to maintain the privacy of the members by not giving out the list or screennames to any other persons or entities.

I believe that having this type of communication would lead to more collaborations, and improve the skills of blender users in general via the sharing of information in this way.

Anyway that is my idea, and Im curious to hear opinions about it.Thank you.

im sorry but this idea seems to be very unneeded

i personaly talk to every i know (blender) throu msn massenger and it works out perfectly good
another thing is that a lot of people have contact details (aim,msn) located in their profiles, which can be accesed by anyone

there are also forum modifiers that allow chatrooms to be created straight from the website, but thats just a huge waste of bandwith

My answer : IRC at freenode ;), channels like #blender etc.

When I am in need of information: here is what I do:

Google the question
talk to MSN contacts
Ask the question on this forum

another channel of communication seems unnecessary.

another channel of communication seems unnecessary.

IRC is good, too.

IRC was best for me, because it was the only one I used. But, i got any questions awsered.

or you could set up a conference room using Jabber IM ( It would probably be better for those who don’t run windows (and therefore can’t run messenger)

Maybe some blender site should add a JAVA app that connects to a blender IRC chatroom :wink:

You mean something like this? This is accessible through the home page, btw.

Just use #Blenderchat. We don’t really need three or four alternatives when what we have right now works perfectly well. I’ve been realtime chatting in that channel for years now, I see no reason to switch.

Plus AIM and Messenger are garbage anyway :wink: