Idea visualization: Wipe The Playground Off!

Hello, there. It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted my work here.

I’m not sure if this topic suits BlenderArtists, but I found that 3D animation and motion graphics help to deliver abstract ideas like this — my thought on emotional manipulation, guilt trip, and cutting a toxic person off.

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Cutting off a toxic person doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running away. It’s also another form of attack, revenge, whatever. Because they can’t play this game alone. Of course, hurting someone for no reason must be avoided. But, when a person treats us maladaptively, what they are actually doing is giving us a reason to do the same.

Some of us often confuse people-pleasing tendencies with morals. Some of us are manipulated and/or guilt-tripped to the point where we can’t fully trust our reality anymore. If you are related, try this: Whenever you second-guess your determination, list their words and actions as many as possible, then reevaluate them. You will see their persistent irrationality. You will notice who they were really devaluing was not us but themselves. And, eventually, you will take your confidence back.

Challenge And Solution


How to tell the dark concept in a visually softened but also direct way.


Use simple and cute characters to tell a surreal narrative story.

It’s said that when it comes to character art, a simple style can resonate with more people than a detailed or realistic style, because simpleness leaves the space of imagination for people to project themselves onto the characters by not giving them full details of appearance.


The transition of sunlight position relates to the control and confidence taken back.