Most of users spend lots of time searching for resources, like water for example.
This is a bad thing because this takes time and its also frustrating (some users cant get them working).
Looks like we have lots of great resources but we must download them, open,edit, make them work on our game level, lots of stuff to do.
My idea is to have them already implemented,using maybe addons.

For example you just select your plane ,get into a "special " panel and hit the "make water button " and the selected object is now water ,simple easy and fast.
Also fire, select an empty click the magic button and your object is now emiting fire and smoke maybe.
Yes, all the resources must be compatible on most computers and stable.
The same goes with all particle effects.
No logic briks editing but a simple yet effective UI.
These can be easily placed under "Particles " panel while in Game mode.

Would this be a good addition to GE?
Let me know what you think.

That will be very good. Even not the final image but for compostion to see how it looks with water or smoke from somewhere… The work can be a lot lot lot faster and we can be more patient about main object details and materials topology… lightening…

I think it would be better to enhance the workflow.

Integration of a lot of specific implementations that do not belong to your project is not really helpful.

An enhancement could be to establish a repository that contains ready to use “gadgets” or “components”.
A start would be to encapsulate the components logic into a group.

Well, not every resource should get implemented, for example particle fx should be implemented, because they are present in each game so there are quite important, and the people that submit resources should agree that it can be used by anyone in any kind of project,even comercial.

Your idea sounds pretty good also, we can have that and would be pretty nice but still there is time lost on integrating on your game level,even if they are "ready ".
I like the logic groups idea also, would be really great to have that.