Ideal desk

I created a desk in blender2.8
I used Cycles Render



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indeed ideal, if not the gloss panels i would jump into the “picture” straight away, to get comfy behind that desk :slight_smile:

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nice! but im of a more simple single monitor guy.

what really ruins it is the mouse cord, no way that will stay there after a days work. :wink:

plus, the mouse pad looks rotated the wrong way, and much MUCH too small.

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Certainly it will look better if I change the mouse code position and the mouse pad size. :face_with_monocle:

The images are nice. However, for me this desk is a bit better but still has the same problem as every desk sold as a computer desk

Which is that there’s not enough depth for one to put the arms on top of the desk and still have room for the kb/mouse. It should also enable long enough distance to the monitor(s), and being able to get the monitors at the correct height.

With enough desk space to do that, hands/wrists/arms aren’t at an odd angle depending on the height or angle of the chair. The chair armrests are inadequate in that regard, while being able to put both arms on the table ensures they’re always supported, and without having to reach for kb or mouse. Pushing the chair close enough also forces one to sit upright.

Yes, it’s possible to find an ergonomic posture with a setup like that, but a desk with more depth gives more options. Rearranging it because you have to put a graphics tablet on there is also easier.

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Thanks for your advice!
I will try to make better furniture. :laughing:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!