Ideal size?

I am making a character and am trying to decide on his size. How big should I make him in blender units? Is there an ideal size? I am just wondering as it effects things such as lighting, sss and other texture issues…


usually I use this way:

the cube is the size of the head :slight_smile: everything else is proportioned :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that anything that is dependent on size, assumes that one blender unit = one meter. But SSS has a value that can scale the whole effect, and other lighting algorithms aren’t as dependent on scale as you might expect.
As long as you are consistent with the scale you choose for your project, you should be okay.

OK, thanks for the replies, I will leave it as it is.

Both Lux and Yafaray assume that 1 blender unit equals 1 meter. I try to stick with that.