Ideas for FMOD sound

Now that many of you have Publisher 2.25, I would like to get the ball rolling on ideas about how to use the FMOD Dynamic Linking Library with blender’s python scripting. I want to do this so that I can play low-filesize MOD and Impulse Traker files in my environments for Adaptive Soundtracks . I have tried many things, but I am fresh out of ideas. I’m sure that some of you can help to solve this problem.

Secondly, check out, those interested in commercial game development can get a free subscription to game-developer magazine. It is a very good resource.

I wish everyone success on their projects and peace in their lives. :smiley:

as far as I know, we’re going to have to wait until further gameblender development. I would also like to do the same thing.


free subscription? can’t seem to find it…


ah, I found it, only for us residents… bleh…

Actually, there is a python module somewhere that allows you to call any function that’s inside a dll. I don’t remember where it is now though. This feature still may have to wait for OS development though.


oh man, I forgot about the US residents thing. Gamasutra still has good articles though. Combine that with and you have infinite possibilities.

Saluk, I’m going to search around for an exe-wrapper that I can call using a python script that will tie the FMOD dll to blender. This is similar to how an external exe was used to render fontmaps in FTBLENDER. Wish me luck.

Doogs, I’m on it. If you find anything about this, post the info!

I will, talk to you all later when I have this solved.

I actually created something like that a month or so ago, but I never finished it. It does play anything though, well, anything that FMOD supports that is of course. I don’t really have the time to develop this further at the moment, but it might be useful to somebody. It only can load one song at a time (midi/mod/mp3/wav/ogg whatever). Effects are also not yet supported. So, if anyone thinks this would be useful, let me know, and I’ll put it up for download on my site.
…Never mind, I’ll just upload to my site… Be right back… :wink:

Here it is, no idea if it will work on other systems, it just was another weekend experiment…

You need the fmod.dll too, which you can download from:

This is of course standard with Publisher but for 2.23 or lower you will have to download it yourself, either put it in your Blender directory or in the windows System directory, the same for the fmodpy.dll from the zipfile.
Hope it is useful, if not, maybe I can make something better in the future, or maybe some-one else has a better solution.

You’re so good eeshlo!


You all are marvellous!

Thank you for the aide. I have downloaded the file and will research ways
to use this tool optimally. I’m looking forward to bringing you all my much anticipated testing results. Though, I must warn you. I will not begin testing until November. So, if you can wait that long, I will have the information for you.

I owe this community plenty and it will recieve :stuck_out_tongue:


You clever clever eeshlo!

At this moment, I’m listening to a few mod files using your fmod script in blender 2.23! Now I know how to add soundtraks to games, all I need to do now is figure out how to make a game!