Ideas for making money with blender

Hey all blender users,

I’m looking for a way to earn money with blender. I already found five ways to do this (all bundled in thisarticle). I wanna have some more ideas for blender jobs. I’ll start of with some other ideas:

  • Create educational stuff (posters, animations, games) and sell them to local schools.
  • Create building plans for paper models and sell them at ebay
  • Offer a blender starter to be his personal teacher and ask for a small refund.

You guys got some more ideas? Please post them!

there’s lots of money to be made selling stock images on sites like istockphoto

I already got that one (is in the article). Maybe it’s a good idea to sell the rights of the picture too. You can sell the picture only once, but it will make it much more expensive.

With istockphoto, which type of contributer are you supposed to choose? They have photography, vector illustrations, and flash. But no CGI =/

Most 3D artists at istockphoto call themselfe “designer”. I guess that’s contributer photography.

thier quiz is very hard :frowning: , i wasn’t able to register .

you can do the quiz again, if you fail they give you the answers

You could get a model 3D printed, clean it up (cause 3D printing isn’t perfect), make a mold from it and keep casting copies out. Infact, some people sell 3D printed models as they come out the 3D printer so…

It would be a semi-high start up cost (3D printing isnt cheap) but clones will be inexpensive in comparison and can be casted on a need only basis. You can also buy this stuff which you use as the material to cast a model, plunk it in a bucket of water and in Xhours it expands twice it’s size if you want to scale a model up.

Pretty much any product that can hold an image of sorts can be sold, Tees, so on so forth. I’d avoid cheesy mouse mats and mugs and with a tee you have to design the work for it, plonking a square photo ontop of a shirt look shite and people should be shot for attempting it.