Ideas for rigging and animating bat-like wings?

I am making a gargoyle similar to this. At the moment I have nearly finished the rig for the body and I need ideas on how to rig and eventually animate the wings. So far I have a bone for the main part of the wing and one for the smaller bones and the flaps of skin between them. I have the main bone parented to the shoulder bone after studying with my dad how the wings would move with the rest of the body. That way, he has nearly complete independent movement of his arms, but we figured that the wings would protrude from the shoulder blade, therefore moving the wing with the shoulder. Please correct me if it would work better another way.

Do you think I should have a bone for every physical bone in the photograph?
How do I make the flaps of skin move compared to the bones in the wing?
Should I have some sort of IK in the wings, and if so, how would I go about setting that up?
Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot, community!

Wings would be an IK controlled chain, and skin should be Cloth modifier :slight_smile: