(ideas for the worlds)

I am making a myst style game. (I don’t have to talk much ill just show it to you.)


anyway, I was trying to make worlds for the myst project.

(I am kind of stuck with 2)
trying to figure it out what the sphere world would be like.

the pyramid world is meant to be ether teleportation but maybe I can make it as rotating bridges and stuff.

the cube world, its like a room to room maze, except every room is a slider manually controlled with a (slider puzzle control panel.)

it first started as a big cube in a middle of an arctic sea (snowing outside actually) what a door on it that you must find a way inside it. once your inside it,
you will see it is a loooongest hallway on the inside and as you go forth (as it was getting dark, the cubes glow on edges in the dark.) until you finally reach a door. one your inside the door your first room is a puzzle or something, and the middle slot room is too.

the sphere world… it meant to be a spherical world, but I don’t think it helps…
so I need help from other people like you, maybe its underwater? I think…
(this is actually a portal to it located in a main world (obelisk))

the world needs puzzles and hints for each of them scattered around or something.

(I need every single modder to help me with it)

tell me what do you guys and gals think the game needs?

I made runes for the main land and the pyramid worlds

please… I need comments on how the game was going to be.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]467673[/ATTACH] this is for Tri’rem