idle animation in 2.49a

I haven’t tempted animating a character yet in 2.49 until today. the problem is that the way i used to make the characters idle animation in 2.47 doesn’t work anymore? how do you do it now?

What’s not working? What is “the way you made the idle animation in 2.47”?

Post a blend, or explain things more. Everything should be the same.

the way i used to do it was an always senser–>and–>action with a priority set lower that any other action. if there is a better way please tell :smiley:

The only thing I can think of is if you mistakenly set the number lower, which makes the priority higher? make sure the idle animation’s priority number is higher than any others.

no, I have that correctly set…thanks for the help though, i’ll just keep playing with it…