If I save it, it will never open again!

I’m working on a project for a lot of time allready, but I’m having a terrible issue, if I save the file and then later I open it, it doens not open.

I tested to append the whole file and after save it, the append worked, but when I saved what I have appended it never opens again.

I’m using blender 2.74 and I don’t know what else should I do since it simply crashes every time and I need to finish this project for a client.

Please help me!


I had this issue ones in 2.72 and all I investigated was SOMETHING in my project about PARTICLES AND HAIR made this and I dont know what that was since then. Extra weird, I tried everything and nothing helped. I tried to open those blends today with 2.74 (after 5 months) and they still don’t want to open.

Create a blank project, and import your old file one object at a time. When it crashes again you know the culprit and, if it doesn’t ever, you’ve repaired your project. It’s a win-win =)!

That suck 100pa, at least I can say that I know the feeling, hehe.

Ovnuniarchos, I allready did that, and found the portion where I tried to append and blender crashed, after that I tried to save with some parts missing, but when I saved this new file and tried to oppen it, the problem was there again.