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Hi gang, great to see blender doing so well again. Ive been off the net for quite a long time but that hasent stoped me blending. The weekend challange seemed to be a good excuse to show you what Ive been up to.
The pic is made up of HMS Belfast is a stand alone Hi poly Hi res model that I made a few months ago, while the 3 merchant ships in the back ground are low poly actors from the new game Ive been working on. The subs out of V1, and the walrus belongs to Belfast. I hope too finish the game around xmas but there is still loads left to do. Python has been doing my head in as usual so if there are any pypro’s who would like to help me out please let me know. Hope you like the pic.



(BgDM) #2

WOW! :o Great image. Water maybe needs a little bit of reflection, but that is it that I can see.

ScottishPig will be very happy to see this one! :wink:


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Impressive :o


(Cativo) #4

Very nice! this is for a game you said?

(Bogey) #5

Yes, ive been constructing a game based on coastal craft operations in WW2. Thats MTBs and Eboats. The three merchant ships are some of the targets. Ive been trying to get the hang of python, mainly by hacking other peoples scripts. The shadow script makes great compass and keeps the wake flat while the boat leans into corners, but Im strugleing with a useable throtal and AI. I will post some more pics and screen shots later on, but for now thanks for the comments, and I will get back to you soon.