If you made an AI that could integrate with 3d models...

And it was smart what form of 3d models would you give it? Would you abuse it? Would you sell it?

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i would give it a normal model and i wouldn’t sell it , i just like to give for free

Are you thinking about making a advanced ai?

I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,
elaborate further.

Ah! I get it now,

you’re talking about AI that could 3d model for us

First off

AIs don’t make mistakes,
they don’t know what details to exaggerate what details to mute
they just model what they are told to model and thats it.

So… I imagine the models it makes won’t be very good,

Ask it to make a character and you haven’t mentioned anything about wind or gravity or tension,etc
it’ll make the character’s clothes static
Ask it to make a sci fi space ship, it’ll just use greebler and some generic mesh,
you know, like this one

Creativity is not something we understand so we can’t replicate it.

But hey,

I bet that AI would be sweet for doing retopos and real time cloth sims(with gravity this time) for 3d modellers,
pointing out logical inconsistencies in movie plots for writers,etc

IDC what anyone says about how
“those imm- err I mean AIs are stealing our jobs!”

on a side note, if your job was simple enough to be replicated by an AI in the first place, you probably weren’t doing anything important anyway.

AIs are good.

No I mean an AI that has a 3d body.

I would probably give it a female spacealien 3d model.I would probably make it opensource.

You define creativity.How you are creative.I think you should know that.