If you want one of the best modeling tutorial for Blender then click here!

Hi guy’s

As you all know i switch to blender a few month ago and was always looking for good tutorials to put me up to speed with blender and i found quite an amazing one here ;https://www.udemy.com/advanced-3d-prop-modeling-in-blender/learn/lecture/11465472?start=0#overview

Just use the coupon code: AM_SUBS500 on udemy and you will get it for free if there is still available seat.

Here the youtube video where he tell about the course ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ke7UrqkYzU

If like me you came from 3ds max or any other 3d app this tutorial is so neatly done that you will grab all the main modeling concept in Blender + as a bonus if like me you use 3d coat he also have a part on this in this serie.

It’s for Blender 2.79 but he also have other free course with blender 2.8 just take the one you want but hurry up the 500 seat are not going to last forever.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did and a big thank to Timothy generosity!

Unfortunately the 500 seats are sold out guy’s but check often since udemy always put some very good deal.

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Thanks for the info!

Let me know if there is still seat left so i can update the thread when the 500 free pass are done.


I was still able to get it for free!

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It’s sold out now.

Thank Scaredyfish i will update the thread!