IFC import in Blender

Hi there,
I’m trying to open an IFC file in blender but I’m having some trouble, maybe any of you can help?

What I’ve done so far:
I have Blender 27.9b installed on my mac
I have downloaded the IFC openShell, I had some trouble adding it to blender but after a while I managed to install it (the 32 bit version). I have added it in the export/import and have enabled it there.
I can open the File Import Industry Foundation Classes IFC, and I can choose a file, but here it ends. There seems to be some kind of an error,
it says import error, no suitable image found, and wrong architecture
The IFC file I have was ment to be “for sketchup”, but that shouldn’t matter, right?

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you

If you can link to a file, i can take a look at it.
Otherwise post Error Report here (copy/paste the text from Info Editor or take a screenshot of System Console with relevant text)

I never had any problems with importing .ifc format to blender (quite common for architectural competitions).

Hi, thanks for quick answer,
I realised that my version of Blender and the version of IFC openShell were not the same so I downloaded a slightly earlier version of Blender (2.78) and a version of IFC open Shell that is supposed to work with the 2.78.
Now I don’t get an error report anymore, but when I try to open an IFC file the mac rainbow ball just starts spinning and doesn’t stop. And doesn’t open the file.

I came to think of that the IFC file might possibly be made for PC? it seems to be an exec file when I look at it in Finder? Could this be the problem? (I’m on a mac)

thanks a lot

IFC is a data format, not a self-contained program. It does have versioning, however. The file may be a newer version than what you can work with.

Yes, *.exe is windows specific, but got nothing to do with IFC :thinking: at least it shouldn’t (suspicious)

:bulb:To import in blender you use *.ifc.
ie.BIMcollab IFC Example Project

Screenshot of file “Sample\01_Design\01_BIMcollab_Example_ARC_optimized.ifc” imported in Blender 2.79b.