iFighterJET New game, finally finished it!!!

Hi guys, a video of my new game…was after some open and frank feedback. Thanks!


you can make very beautiful objects

looks like arcade
there is no “flow” in the movement.
i cannot see any aerodynamics
most of the written things is hardly readable
all displays at the right side are ridiculoussly huge and nerve wracking

sorry but i would delete the game after 10 seconds of playing

Shoot them up game is one of my favorite type of game so here some feedback on what I saw:

Good points:

  1. Firstly the graphic seems nice. I do say “seems” cause I would need to play the game to see what it really worth.
  2. Part of the presentation is nice
  3. Main music really good. Was it made for the game?
  4. Modeling of the main jet pretty kool.

Bad points, sorry there is quite many:

  1. Like S-Markt said above, the text you used for the presentation is really not good. I’m sure you watch a lot of war films. They use nearly all the same type of font. Have a look and you’ll know.
  2. You say there are nine levels, you showed two I think or was it only one.
  3. The enemies have no “life”. You can feel that they were put there to be shoot at.
  4. The cockpit view is really better than the outside one. Cause you see less the a bit bizarre way of moving of the jet. Look at 03:13 for example it turns as a car.
  5. You need to work more on the effects when the jet fire normal projectiles. You cannot see them, and yes you can normally see them.
  6. One place the jet touch the island and just appear again in the sky without a crash animation that was weird.

I think that you could have a nice game there. But it needs to be more polish.

Is it gonna be a free game or were you planning a commercial? If you want to sell it, then really take good note of the different critics and correct them. If I play a game and like it I’ll always keep an eye on the guys who made it.
Even if its gonna be free. Do your best as who knows, people may hire you if they like what they see.

One last thing. If I were you a would redo the video. Firstly because it do not give a good image of the gameplay. Then the last part is really too dramatic. The font issue do not help.

Hope that those few points will help you make a better game. And do not be discouraged by the critics. They are your best ally to make a good job.

BTW there’s no way you would be able to hear guns or chopper blades on an aircraft like that, let alone the raindrops… The others hit on the other big points (no aerodynamics, epileptic font sizes, enemy AI sucks) But other than that, I love the jet model and you had beautiful rainfall.

Thank you both for your in depth assessments. You are the first humans to see it and verbalize a reaction. This is gold to me. :slight_smile:

I wouldnt mind trying to market it but it was more of a labor of love and a chalenge to finish it. I can upload the whole thing if you want, its around 2 gigs (yikes)

Blender is a tricky beast, just when you have one corner covered, the other corner comes undone mysteriously, theres many things i had perfect, then went on to other things and those things got lost or skewed. I dont think I would continue with blender if i wanted to make another game, but for modelling software its brilliant and probably for much simpler easier games.

Martinish gave me the ocean, i got all the models from blender swap. I did the logic and everything else. The font is easy to change, its just a game trailer, not in the game.

Its no problem if people want to download it and play it.

You’re sort of right, its doesnt suck totally. I just used a seek cube and the enemy do actually attack. But i had to back it off because it worked too well and kept getting shot down. Figured it would get annoying if the plane kept getting shot down in 10 seconds.

Ah…the aerodynamics of the plane, the bane of my existence for over 13 months, that was the best i could come up with.

(if you’re interested to take a closer look) Heres three videos of levels 2, 7 and 9

Also the reason the sound is clumsy, is because my setting to make the sound distance relative stopped working one day and i could never find how t get it to work again, hence all the sound is immediate no matter what the distance, a big problem now when i look at it. (well it was a torturous problem even then but there was just no solution to get it working again)

aerodynamics is a tricky thing to do. maybe it might help to fake it to put some light downforce on the plane whenever it flies in an angle greater than 70 and even a little more when it is over 90 degrees.