Ig - 11

I’ve been working on an IG-11 model for a little bit. I’ll go back and post some images from the earlier stages so you can see the progress on it. At this point I’m keeping the model all SubD. I’m pretty much just using screen grabs from season 1 of the Mandalorian for reference on the model. If anyone wants to see any specific area that I’m not showing just let me know.

Final render is here: IG-11 interior shot


#Star Wars #IG-11


I started with the base head and shoulders.

Working out the general shapes of the top of the torso. I end up re-doing much of this work as I get better reference material.

Continuing with the shoulder, torso and arms. I end up re-doing the small hook medallion as well as the wrist area as I get better reference photos.

Working on the lower arm and wrist.

Starting on the hand and this shows the revised wrist area:

Revised torso area:

Adding detail to the head:

Starting on the hip and legs:

Here is the current state of the model. All textures are temporary at this point.

There is still much detail needed on the legs and mid section.

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Adding more leg details:

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Adding in more torso details. I found a few more scenes that show a bit more of this area so I might make some modifications.

some new edits:

Worked on the straps:


I think I’m getting close to finishing the modeling work. I’ll need to go through and see if I missed any small details. I know one area that’s bothering me a bit but not sure if I want to take the time to redo it at this point.


Did a few tweaks to the lower torso area. Here’s a matcap 360. I’ll be working on some rigging next and then textures.

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Starting on some texture work. Been going through a bunch of rigging tutorials so I’ll hold off on any rigging for a bit and work on the textures first.

Continuing with the texture work:

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I’ve been working on a SW-ish hallway that I could use for an environment for IG. This is all poly modeling. Not sure if I’m really happy with it just yet.

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Continuing on the hallway for now.

First render with IG in the hallway.