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Hello Blender community…

I have recently started Sixth Form 6 months ago with the intent of becoming a film / director / editor and writer when I leave. My first plan is to make a fan-film of the Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, but with a twist… the main character will actually be Cynder.

I am looking to put a team together consisting of animators, landscape artists, character artists, modelers ect… everyone needs to complete the scenes which will be emailed to me and edited by me for YouTube.

For this team, I am looking for a couple of people to do just the modeling, a couple of people to do just the texturing… anybody and everybody can be of use to me. Or just people who want to spread the word on social media to help support.

So please, if you feel that you can be of help in any way! Please contact me at [email protected]

And don’t bring up copyright, I already know about those problems.


You already have a thread about this. No need to make another one.