Iguana - Blender Eevee

Hello everyone, this is my latest work - Iguana.
Base Mesh, Retopo - Blender 2.79
Rigging, rendering - Blender 2.8
Sculpting - Zbrush
Texturing - Substance Painter

Hope You’ll like it :slight_smile:


Wow! the detail on the head is great! How long did it take to sculpt?

Amazing! How did you do scales? Is it sculpted?

yup, its sculpted

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around a week, but it was like 2-4 hours a day


And here’s timelapse:


Also here’s highpoly:


owww sh*t !!!

I’m so glad i use blender ^^

congratz for this awesome work !!!
I wish i could make things this beautifull !!!

Happy blending !

Noice, it looks very nice :heart:

This is awesome!!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

This looks incredible!

The detail is amazing.

thats really really amazing work!! good job mate!

really nice

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Incredible awesome !!

Incredibly nice, good job!

However, the tail is way too short unfortunately. The tail of an iguana is typically more than 75 % of the body length. See this link for a picture of a young specimen.

awesome as always just like all your works, keep it up!!

Very clean model!!! Super sweet topo!
A bit glossy but really beautiful, nice color combo. Is this fantasy or are these real in this combo?

TO bad the bad is intersecting, top jaw with bottom jaw… sorry :smile:

Beautiful texturing, and a perfect model - PROPS!