iHDRI.COM - Free, High Quality HDRI Skies / Environments for your CG scenes!

Hi Guys,

i want to introduce you my new website https://www.iHDRI.com which contains HDRI Skies / environments with a max. resolution of 16384x8192 Pixels, free of charge, for private and commercial work!

Every HDRI Sky is photographed with the idea, to capture the full dynamic range of the respective scene.
With my 14mm wide-angel lens, one HDR panorama is stitched from 91 single images. Divided into a bracketing of 7 per click and a exposure value difference of 2 or more. Lights are unclipped and dark spots and shadows show details.

I tested the HDR Skies inside Blender, Marmoset Toolbag and Unreal Engine 4.
You can download your favourite HDRI Sky without registration and e-mail spam, directly from my google drive and start to render your CG scenes!

Thank you guys,

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Thank you very much for this, very generous of you!
The maps look gorgeous!

Nice, thanks for sharing your hard work!
One thing to set your HDRI apart from the others would be to also provide absolute radiance and non-white balanced images :wink:

No problem guys.
I googled “absolute radiance” but i couldn´t find what it is? Mayb a special type of file format?
And what do you exactly mean with : non-white balanced? ^^

Every picture has his mix of blue and yellow/ magenta and green. Please describe it to me and i will do my best to improve my works.

Thanks man!