IJN BB/BC Kongo 1944 - Model


I’m what you could call a “long time listener, first time caller” here on the forum. I’ve been working on a Japanese battleship / battlecruiser Kongo 1944 for while and finally decided to post it here.

I’m using a picture from wikipedia as main reference and there is still alot of work to do, but atleast it’s already looking like something. Also trying to keep it low poly, least for now.

Suggestions, questions and critique are welcome but do mind that I’m still quite a beginner, thanks! :slight_smile:

Finished image:

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Here’s an update on the Kongo, most of the modelling is pretty much finished. Still needs some work on details and eventually texturing and such. Wanted to post her ready for launch today, as today is her actual launch date (FIX: It’s actually 18th of May, sorry!). Cheers! :slight_smile:

Some time later and I decided to set up the scene and finish her :slight_smile:

Good luck with a project this big. There are lots of details on a ship this large.

The AO shots look good, but the lighting in your color image makes it hard to see the model. Could you rotate the sun and try again with the sun behind the camera?


Thanks for the feedback! Yes there are lots of details indeed, was quite a beginner when I started with this and got tired of it and wasn’t that happy with the mesh either. I don’t think I’m going to model it any further, at least not any time soon as I just lack the time. I could try to rotate the sun though.

The reason why it’s like this currently is because this scene actually consisted some other objects as well and was supposed to be part of a reel which I cancelled though. But I agree, should have put more thought into the background and light direction.

Cheers! :slight_smile: