IJN Yamato

Hi guys,This is the finished model of Battleship Yamato…Modelling and Render done with Blender 2.79 Cycle Thank You

Below sample render using Cycle Node


looking nice
but how many verts do you have for all these models

happy cl

Thank You…around 7m without using wireframe modifier then i manage to shrink it with group instance to around 1,2 m and around 30m with wireframe modifier but again i use group instance to shrink it to 9m lol

group instancing is good with so many verts

is there a site with a lot of good references drawing for this ship ?

would like to see the giant sub with almost 2 hulls too

keep up the good work

happy cl

Ohh, where’s the giant laser cannon in the bow? But great modelling and efficiencies :wink:

Curious but what modifiers did you use for this model?

@RickyBlender Yeah its really helpful,i use this image for reference:http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=4707&start=1820 credit to the uploader,he take the picture from Yamato Museum in Kure Japan,
and the vector drawing from wikipedia

Vector drawing from Thomas Schmid

some reference from google


Nah the ones which have giant laser canon on the bow was Yamato Space Ship Version,this is WW2/real version lol,Thank You anyway :smiley:

Well,i use wireframe modifier for the wireframe render but sadly its adds alot of additional vertices,and for general i use subsurf modifier…

some render test,i know its still look fake…a bit hard to make it look reallistic

A ship of that size and complexity is a serious undertaking. Well done. I’m looking forward to seeing this progress.

Adding More Image…The Project is finish long ago

Wery nice!
could we ever speak in private?

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