IK and basic face rig needed ASAP! To be paid in Australian Dollars.

Hi!! I’m looking for a skilled Blender rigging artist to lend me their services to give my character JimBob an IK and basic face rig. I am paying $60 AUD to begin with but if I can see your previous rigging work I am willing to pay more (via PayPal or digital gift card). If you are skilled in weight painting and rigging a non human-like armature, please contact me at

[email protected] OR send me a PM and I’ll give you the info package.

Some info:

380k-ish vertices

Blender 2.91.2

He has separate clothing meshes I’d like rigged to conform to his body.

Cycles based project only

Must preserve modifiers and procedural materials.


Edit: I’ll pay you after I receive the finished project file, if that seems too dodgy I can arrange a compromise like an escrow account. I am more than happy to pay you if your work is up to what I need and even some extra if its better than I was expecting but I understand that it is hard to trust a stranger on the internet.