IK bones not bending naturally

This is what it looks like without moving the target bone.

This is what it looks like when I lift up this bone. The bones (not the target and the pole target bones) are parented to each other via off set When I left the target bone why can’t I naturally get the foot bone and the IK bone and the bone above the IK bone to bend naturally?

Could be that the foot bone isnt parented to the shin bone. Can you upload the file to better diagnose?

I believe that the foot bone is parented to the shin bone.

And sure I will upload the file give me a sec

Bomb32.blend (697.2 KB)

Here is the file

ok give me one moment

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Bomb32.blend (727.1 KB)
Probably better to use an IK constraint and control with the foot bone directly like i did in this updated file

I see,

Cause with my human character everything worked fine (the bones were directly connected though) but how come my target and pole target is not suitable in this situation?

Usually when bones are connected they work better, when you have them parented without them being connected they sometimes cause weird things to happen. You can still your a pole target with the IK constraint though.

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Because the foot was only controlling the shin and not the entire leg, I changed the chain length to 3, but for some reason when I then move the foot bone, the shin and upper leg bone won’t properly bend, only when it is set to 2 the shin bone will bend properly, do you know how to fix this?

yes one sec

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Thanks for your help sorry to bother you like that :slight_smile:

a few more min…almost there.

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Bomb32.blend (727.8 KB) Had to put a slight bend in the leg bones so blender knows which way to bend. I didnt do it to the actual mesh though. Which you may want to do to avoid that slight snappiness you begin to bend it.

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

What did you have to do exactly to fix the issue?

I set it to -90 on the pole angle, Chain Length to 2 and unchecked “Use Tail”, Technically you dont need the pole target, as the movement is more mechanical just rotate the upper leg for angle change. Im pretty sure there may be a better way to do this as I feel we are both kind of missing something lol, but I cant really make a perfect solve this at the moment as I am working on a project myself at the moment.

You know how you said if I did things offset it can produce weird results? I tested it out and the same shit happens, unless if I bend the shin bone then it bends. But the problem is that even with your latest updated file along with mine is that as soon as I grab the foot bone without moving it, it slightly bends the shin bone and that is something that I don’t want.

I don’t understand this cause in the human character there is no issues, just in this there is an issue :frowning:

Give me a few minutes…I have a bit of a break right now ill take a look again.

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Thanks mate take your time. I really am sorry to bother you with this sort of stuff, I wish I understood more about this myself.

Bomb32.blend (1.2 MB) Usually I charge for this kind of stuff but I know how it can be sometimes. Happy Birthday…it’s a fully functional rig using the Rigify Add On. Enjoy! I would look into learning the Rigify Add On its fast and highly customizable.

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Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Do I need Rigify Add On on my Blender version?